eGov goodness

A couple of things impressed me this week

– I couldn’t find my TV licence renewal, so I figured I’d forgotten to renew. I used the online service and paid the money. They wrote to me this week to tell me that I already had one and that they’d credited the money back. Now, this is good, and bad. It’s bad because you’d have thought the online service would have known that I had one, it’s good because normally when you give any government money, it’s pretty hard to get it back.

– I needed to talk to the courts service about all things jury related. Of all the departments I’d expect to be still pen and ink based, the courts would be first on the list. But no, an email to them in the morning, a reply less than 60 minutes later, problem sorted.

And then I found this, from a website in Prague (the site’s in English)

CESKE BUDEJOVICE, South Bohemia, Feb 18 (CTK) – Relatives of the patients who die in the local hospital learn about their family member’s death through an SMS message, something that experts in ethical matters consider inadmissible, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes writes today.

“Sry yr aunt is ded” … maybe not something the NHS should consider just yet. We’re still waiting for doctor/patient appointments to be confirmed by text, but I hear they’re working on it. Bring it on. Next we’ll see DfES talking about sending exam results by text.

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