Marathon Update

I’m getting ready to send out my email request for sponsorship. Just like last year, I’m running to support Macmillan Cancer Relief. But this year, you get 3 races for the price of 1 – I’ll be running the Liverpool Half Marathon a month today, the Reading Half about 3 weeks later and then the full London Marathon on 23rd April.

Progress so far is pretty good. I’m getting a couple of runs in a week, which is more than I managed last week (but way down on what the training plans recommend). Today I covered more than 20km for the 3rd time in 6 weeks. My time, 2h 6m or so, is slower than I’m targetting, but I’m getting faster each time. I’d planned to run futher today but when I got to Tower Bridge (about 11km from home), I found that it was “open” (i.e. closed), so I turned round and ran home the same way. I should have seen it was open from a couple of km away but I guess I was so busy concentrating on the run, plus the book I was listening to, Ambler Warning, that I missed it. Here are the details:

Map of Tower Bridge Out and Back

My Macmillan fund raising page is on JustGiving as before.

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  1. Hey Alan, I came upon your blog via Dan\’s ramblings. Your run for Macmillan is impressive. Until cancer affects you or your family somehow it is hard to appreciate how difficult it is to cope with. Organisations like Macmillan are a great help as are charity efforts like these. I\’ve sent you a donation and hope it goes well.Anne-Marie

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