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I’d been wondering about how to test the new auto censor service and was hamstrung by not reading chinese (and by not having the character set on my PC). Brad Feld filled the hole in my thinking with this comparison, using images rather than text.

Search for Tiananmen in

Same search, for Tiananmen, in

Any other examples?

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  1. You don\’t actually need to understand Mandarin to get the data, as numbers are the same on .cn and .com. If you search for \”Tiananmen Square\” on .com, you get 1.75m results. On .cn, you get 13,700. Does that imply 99.2% censorship?Not sure what the radio buttons are below the search buttons, but the maximum number of results you can get out is 13,700

  2. Just found out what the four radio buttons mean, from left to right:- search the world,- search all chinese character sites- search simplified chinese characters- search *.cn

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