360 Launch

Today is launch day, in Europe, at least for the Xbox 360. I managed to blag an invite to the party tonight (thank you MB!) but I can’t go – I should have known better, but was hoping the party would be yesterday or tomorrow. Other things have priority this evening.

I got some play time in on Perfect Dark Zero this time last week though and had a blast. 4 players on one system with 10 bots. Live wasn’t available in the UK, I guess because the system hadn’t formally launched. The graphics and effects will blow you away with PDZ and the single player looks pretty inspired, but the multi-player looks and feels a little too Timesplitters for me. It didn’t seem to have the balance of Halo 2. I probably need to play it a little more and explore some of the other maps and see if there are maps that provoke the tactics that are so resplendent in H2. My box should arrive in a few days so I’ll have to wait before making a full call on PDZ. I knew the Stamper brothers, who own Rare (and before that Ultimate Play The Game) from the early 80s.

Looking forward to a bit more game time.

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  1. typical .. blag an invite and then turn it down publicly to demonstrate your self-importance .. what a loser !!

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