Highway 101 – more potholes than Camden Town

Just arrived in San Francisco to find the weather is just like back home. Blue skies, bright sunshine and everyone wearing shorts. Just like London. I wish.

I drove south from the airport, down route 101. I’ve driven better roads in India – and they have fewer cows on the roads there.

There are still empty buildings either side of the highway, but it looks busier than it did when I was last here, a year ago or so. My hotel is right opposite Yahoo, Sun, EMC and a roller-coaster park. Just right for this part of the world.

Virgin looked after me well on the way over. After nearly 15 years of regular travel – and 21 years of Virgin Atlantic – this is the first time I’ve flown with them. They were great. Limo pickup, check in taken care of while I’m sitting in the car, a brisk walk to the lounge through the fast track – and it’s a great lounge. And then the marvellous invention: they have 50 films that you can watch and you can even press the pause button whilst you get a massage, go to the toilet or chat with the stewardess. What an incredible leap forward. After maybe 100 flights across the pond, I’ve finally got on a plane that lets me watch films the way I do at home – stop/start/stop/start. BA – your days are numbered for me. I just need to use up those air miles.

If you’re on a ‘plane soon, I recommend wholeheartedly watching “Crash” (not the David Cronenberg version, although that had its moments).

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