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Interesting comment after the last post

‘So does that nett out to say do not expect too much of anything too soon? There is no burning platform to make these public sector folk change their behaviour or methods.

“Transformational Government” to be filed under “Oxymorons of our Time” ‘

That would be a pessimistic view. Making things move in government is hard – for all of Archimedes’ talk of a lever and a place to stand, he wasn’t dealing with the public sector.

Don’t expect too much too soon – that would just set us all up for disappointment, but do watch for the signs of movement. If those green shoots start to appear then it’s likely that enough energy could get behind it to do something. Take OGC’s gateway reviews for instance – they started small and are now embedded everywhere, but it took 3-4 years and that was just peer review where no-one got to see the output by the head of OGC and the SRO for the programme.

“Transformational Government” might be like “World Cup winning England Football team” – something that’s right only once in a generation or two. Maybe it’s our turn this time, for both.

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  1. Have another glass and dream on. World Cup+Transformed Govt – what spread you offering?Transformational Government needs Transformational Voters and sadly it is heading the other way.But I agree that it\’s a John Lennon type of project that makes one feel warm inside – Imagine joined up government, one gateway, one god, we are not the only ones.. hope someday etc.. Cue Yoko onto the project team as system architect.

  2. No plans on offering odds on either right now. I don\’t think transformational govt needs transformational voters at all – that implies you think labour won\’t do it and that the tories would have to get in. The civil service run the government machine and will be the ones that lead the charge to change or that deny it.yoko as architect sounds like a plan. would we need to reform the band to make it happen?

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