Diligently seeking online insurance

Morethan.com is still not working, despite a couple of emails suggesting that they might want to take a look and figure out why. After all, why plaster an ad on the back of every bus exhorting me to visit the site and then not make it operable? Their emails tell me that I’d be much better off phoning, but I don’t want to phone, I want to do it online. I want to do everything online, that’s the point.

Another site tells me that I can have insurance as long as I don’t work in any of the following professions:

entertainment industry, nightclub, fairground or gaming industries; professional sports, modelling or photography; antique or art dealer, jeweller; market or street trader, general dealer, hawker, scrap or second hand dealer; moneylender, debt collector, pawnbroker, private investigator, farmer or student

Nightclub? Peter Stringfellow need not apply? Moneylender? Does that include bankers? Professional sports? Does that mean Kelly Holmes need not apply (until she retires)? Farmers? Because they’re more prone to losses? Students? Because they can’t be trusted?

Such an odd list.

Still, a lost cause again, despite a promising start. Another request to phone them up to get a quote.

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