10 years on

It’s 10 years since Amazon went public, there are over 700 million Internet users in the world, yet every time I use morethan.com, I get this

Sorry – our system’s busy
We were hoping you wouldn’t see this screen but if it’s appeared, it means that our system is busy, busy, busy.
Now, to be fair, this is better than what I got for the whole of June and most of July – which was an error page saying that the “Home Insurance” website wasn’t working at all. But it’s not exactly much better is it. Surely it knows it’s busy when I get there – I shouldn’t have to fill in a whole page of personal information about the quote I want (with no options to save it for later) before it tells me this?

You’d have thought that after the opportunity for up to 10 years practice and with an ad campaign that relentlessly pushes the website as a channel, they’d have figured out how to make it work now. Busy, busy, busy they say … Is that 1,2,3 users? LessThan 10 or MoreThan 5?

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