White Noise

Sitting in an airport lounge last night I was constantly disturbed by the less than dulcet tones of an obviously senior executive conversing on his mobile. He talked loudly – so loudly I could hear him from across the room – and occasionally paced over in my direction, maintaining his vocal boom; everytime he got within 5 metres of me, I glared and he wandered away. The exec, perhaps from India, perhaps running one of the big outsource companies, or at least a big account in the uK, didn’t stop talking for 40 minutes – every so often losing connection as his counterparty went into a tunnel or whatever: “hullo, hullo, hullo” he would go, quite endlessly.

Sitting in a different airport today going to a different place, it’s just the same. Only more people, more languages, more accents.

90% mobile penetration? I remember when it was just delboy and his big motorola!

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