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Error Message uselessness

I’ve said before that I’m not much good when it comes to technology. It’s probably the reason why I stay away from DIY at home – if I can mess up a wifi network, think what I could do with an RSJ.

Today, I’m installing a Buffalo linkstation – a huge network storage device that gives me 100s of GB of disk space accessible from any PC. Putting in the disk and firing up the install application gives me the following message:

Firewall can be put into effect. If not being used correctly stop the firewall and preform setup again

There are no typos in that sentence (or, at least none by me). I thought Japlish manuals had gone the way of Sony’s first place in media devices.

The only way to beat that message – which was followed by the install app quitting – seems to be to disable Windows XP Firewall (an action which is accompanied by a variety of messages indicating it’s a bad idea).

Like I said, just imagine I was playing with an RSJ.

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