You can’t park that aircraft carrier there, chum!

Simon Moores on blogging ….

At a time when democracy and the privileges given to us as a society in Magna Carta, are being steadily whittled away by the arrival of a Presidential-style of government, Weblogging here and even in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia remind us that the Internet, for all its problems, can drive the principles of free-speech and democracy forward in a way that was impossible in the past. The Weblog is the man-in-the-street’s equivalent of an aircraft carrier and while the great majority float aimlessly in a sea comment, some can make a difference and keep big business and politics honest in a world which tends increasingly towards the opposite.

Of course, the problem with such aircraft carriers in the UK would be that they are too short. Blogs are like aircraft carriers in many respects as one person once said:

One shipbuilder said: “Steel and fresh air is cheap – it is the quality of
what goes in that is the important issue.”

I’m not claiming for a second that the quality of what goes on
here is any better than anyone else’s, but I do kind of like the idea of just
floating around aimlessly for a bit.

One thought on “You can’t park that aircraft carrier there, chum!

  1. Ah.. but the advantage of aircraft carriers, even the smaller british type, is that they often park themselves offshore, like a rather irritating modern version of Radio Caroline!

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