Template Change

It’s been ages since I changed the template I use for this blog, so here’s a new one. The primary criteria for picking it, apart from it being blue, is that it allows me to have a “previous posts” sidebar with the titles of a few recent posts (I’d like to be able to pick which ones go there, but that might be a job for another spare week).

Of course, nothing’s easy and it didn’t come with a widget that allowed me to have my favourite links on the sidebar too, so I’ve just spent a pleasant few minutes fiddling with enough HTML to last me another couple of months so that I could have those. I’ve also sorted the links into “professional” – i.e. links to companies and “people” – i.e. links to those individual’s blogs who I read regularly.

It also has arrows in it, which is nothing to do with either direct.gov or directionless.gov, it’s just the graphics it came with. A project for another day is to change those, so I’m up for offers of graphic design assistance as long as your resume extends beyond all things pornographic.

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