Bluetooth in your clothes

All that excitement over bluetooth jackets got me hunting on the web and, via engadget, I found this story about a joint venture between Motorola and Burton (they of snowboarding fame). They’re talking about a jacket with space for your ipod and your mobile, speakers in the hood (with bluetooth available if you want to go wireless). One analyst, perhaps a bit non-plussed adds:

“They’re trying to connect with the upcoming generation,” said Neil Strother, an analyst with In-Stat MDR, a research firm. “Will it lift Motorola to No. 1? I doubt it, but it won’t hurt. It could go beyond a fad and be longer-term.”

Personally, when I’m on the slopes I’m trying to pay attention to everything going on around me lest I crash into someone but that’s probably more a reflection on my skiing style than anything else.

The Motorola press release says all of this will be available for the 2006 winter season and that

“Motorola believes the greatest technological advances are made to make everyday tasks easier. For snowboarders, using a cell phone or an iPod in cold temperatures can be a significant challenge. With these new products, Motorola and Burton will allow snowboarders to overcome extreme conditions through their innovative designs and improved technologies, making the snowboarding experience on the mountain that much better.”

I don’t quite get it though – my ipod doesn’t have bluetooth so I guess I need a jacket for that, in the jacket; and then I have to have the right Moto cellphone and then I need a $700 ski jacket to make it work. Hmmm. All to take conference calls on the slope?

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