London Marathon – April 2005

I’m taking part in the Flora London Marathon 2005 on the 17th April to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief and would really welcome your support. Let’s face it – I’m going to need to raise a lot of money to make running 26 miles seem even vaguely worthwhile. I’ve just opened up a webpage using the “JustGiving” service, that automates everything and makes it all simple, and takes full advantage of the Gift Aid regulations. So, please, grab your credit or debit card and go to the site below – all donations are secure and sent electronically direct to Macmillan:

Additional Information on Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, Justgiving will add an automatic 22% bonus to your donation, taken straight from the tax man (which has to be a good reason to donate in itself). Better still, if you are a higher rate tax payer (as many of you are), you can reclaim 18% of your contribution when you submit your Self Assessment tax return for 2004/5 (online of course).

So, for a £400 donation, Macmillan will get an extra £112.82 and you will pay £92.30 less in tax. That’s free money to you and free money to Macmillan. Who could say fairer?

Addditional Information on Macmillan

Over one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer some time in their life. Count how many people there are on the distribution list of this mail and think about that. Every day, 739 people are newly diagnosed. Macmillan exist to help people who are living with cancer. They have, for example, a team of 2,500 nurses who help people with cancer live life to the full. Beyond that, they employ doctors and other health professionals, provide cancer care centres and offer practical help at home. The charity came about when, in 1911, Douglas Macmillan watched his father die of cancer and decided to make a difference to try and prevent as much of the needless pain and suffering that his father had gone through from happening to anyone else. The reason that I support Macmillan is much the same; my father died in 1992 from cancer.

You can visit their website at

Last year, they raised £993,000 at the London Marathon with only 645 runners. I want to be a part of making the 2005 Marathon an even bigger success. I’m looking to raise at least £3000 but will happily raise more if I can. With the Gift Aid regulations, your individual gift will contribute more than you expect, but don’t worry about giving too much, I’ll just raise the target on the website. Likewise, if you’re strapped for cash, give what you can – every bit counts towards the target. There are even a couple of people who are promising to double their donation if I run the event in a tutu (underneath the regulatory Macmillan green t-shirt of course) – let me know if you are interested!

I appreciate that with all of the terrible events unfolding in Asia, there are other charitable demands on your wallet and would just ask that you give this one the attention that I strongly believe it deserves. The job Macmillan do is a vital one.

I’ll post updates on how I’m doing with the training right here.

Be bold and generous.

Thank you

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