Am I back?

Sort of I guess. More yes than no at least. Blogger tells me that this is my 627th post but that I’ve posted only 4 times since the end of July. There are good reasons for that, perhaps I’ll go into them another time.

Meanwhile my PC problems have taken over from where Simon Moores’ left off. I’m writing this on the Mac, with Firefox of course. My Tosh Tablet PC whilst working fine for most things seems unable to open a “create post” page in Blogger. No idea why – it’s been like that for a couple of months (and that’s a bit of an excuse for why there have been so few posts, but is far from the main reason). I’ve tried a bunch of things to fix it including cleaning up the registry and fiddling with this and that but no joy so far. Most of the time it refuses to go very far with any secure pages – banking, stock trading and whatnot. Odd.

I’ve been in New York for the last few days taking advantage of the incredibly weak dollar. It’s the first trip I’ve made there since May 2001 so the first time I’ve seen the empty hole where the WTC once stood. I saw that, and the rest of Manhattan, from the window of a helicopter. The best way to see it and only a $100 or so. If you’re there, be sure to visit BLT – the best steak I have ever had (ever as in anywhere in the world, ever).

I’ve got a few things coming up that will take some time over the next week or two and then I’ll be properly back. I started this blog in Xmas 2001 so it will be 3 years old in a couple of weeks – and I’ll have been working in government nearly 5 years. More on that soon.

2 thoughts on “Am I back?

  1. Been in government 5 years, been blogging for three …s ounds like the start of a headstone. Where is the Eminem of eGov, we need little a controversy.

  2. I\’m not quite ready for a rendition of \”Guess who\’s back\” – my karaoke days in Tokyo were fuelled by large amounts of Asahi after all. Thanks for giving me a big laugh to start the day though.It does sound like an epitaph, doesn\’t it? and it was kind of meant that way but also as an interstitial. I\’ll write more soon, just as soon as I can get some time.

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