In an ideal world

Whilst I love talking about authentication devices and other such widgets, there’s something going on over at “ideal government” that is worth a look and, better still, a quick post. How often do you get the chance to post what you think it would all look like if you were in charge and actually have people read it? The folks at Kablenet and, specifically, William Heath are behind it. Get over there and post!

4 thoughts on “In an ideal world

  1. It\’s great that you\’ve gone so quiet! :-)))))))Ian(W) has obviously got you under control! How does it fele?…..impotence is a bad place to be!!!!!

  2. Anonyminity is no place to hide either I guess.I\’m busy playing Halo2 these days of course.I\’ll be back posting real soon now, sorry.Alan

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