It’s been quiet a long time

Over the summer I’ve been moving house, sorting out a bunch of business issues and trying to get a troublesome problem with my car resolved. And having got successfully through all of that, I had to wait for broadband at the new place – only a 7 day wait, but that was 7 days more than I was interested in at the time. Finally it’s installed and I am back online.

That probably doesn’t mean that I’ll be posting more often. Whilst I’ve missed posting and I’ve missed the interaction with people who send me mails on my posts, I’ve still got a few things that I need to sort.

So e-Government@large will stay quiet for a little longer. Meanwhile, I encourage you to visit the sites that I link to on the left. I’m still keeping up to date with them, you should too.

And, if that isn’t enough. Here’s a great site with a game where you get to throw waste paper into a rubbish bin. Or, if you’re anything like me, you get to throw paper on the floor, entirely missing the bin. It’s a popular site so you might have to wait in a virtual line for a bit.

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