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Jonathan Schwarz, Scott’s number two at Sun Microsystems, has a blog. I’ve met Jonathan and, each time, come away impressed. He has a different idea about where to take Sun now and whilst there are people who will challenge that, he has thought through the angles and can debate impressively the pros and cons.

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  1. Why are your archives FIFO? If you column sort them asLIFO I won\’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see you latest words of wisdom.Maybe I\’m just becoming a lazy cow.On the wireless music front, has the Apple AirTunes sorted the problem elegantly for you now?

  2. I\’m afraid that blogger sorts things that way and, though I\’ve tried, I can\’t find a way to sort them the other way up.I\’m still waiting on the wireless music idea – I don\’t think Airport Express solves it in a neat way at all. I\’m thinking maybe Roku Soundbridge.Alan

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