SP 2

I just installed RC2 of Windows XP SP 2 on my tablet PC. So far so good. Well, I say that, but I am having some intermittent problems with connectivity to my wifi network after putting my laptop in standby and bringing it back to life.

It’s also a little strange to be nagged by your own PC every few minutes about it not quite understanding the state of your firewall (someone told me today that being married is much the same, but how would I know?), but the sentiment is well intentioned and therefore tolerable. It knows that ZoneAlarm is installed but doesn’t seem able to detect whether it’s doing its job, which is strange – so I’ve told it not to worry about firewalls (I trust ZoneAlarm as it’s worked for me for years; it’s also able to manage incoming and outgoing traffic unlike the MS one which, I think, only worries about incoming). There are new icons for wireless network connections and new dialogue boxes for setting up the networks. It looks good so far, I hope that it makes a difference in the world of the “Internet Green Cross Code” and slows down viruses at least.

If you want it, you can find it on MS’ preview page.

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