Doing a Cassani

I’ll be intrigued if “doing a Cassani” becomes a popular turn of phrase after this very smart lady’s decision to turn over London’s Olympic bid leadership to Seb Coe. I don’t mean “very smart” in a derogatory way – her track record at Go and her willingness to stand up and be counted in venting her frustrations at what happened there show that she is a contender. What I think is both difficult to understand and, at the same time, laudatory is that she seems to know that London can’t win with her in the chair. Maybe because she’s from the good old US of A (indeed, from California), maybe because Seb Coe is a better leader at this stage (knowing the whole process top to bottom – a Ramsay type of experience) or maybe (in the worst case) because the Olympic Association is a relic of the early part of the last century and is a men-only club. Maybe because the only real win was getting to the last five and she thinks it won’t go further – although that would be counter to her track record. Whatever the reason, it’s brave to step down now and hand over the top job, whilst maintaining a role in the bid from here on in. Doing a Cassani should be a compliment – for those who truly deserve it only.

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