New blogger version

Blogger looks really different today – there’s a whole new version with lots of new features. It looks like it’s been redesigned completely. I guess that’s what you can do when Google owns you. Just because I thought I could, I’ve changed the template used today – it’s not quite what I wanted but it will do for a bit. You’ll also see that Blogger now supports comments, and I’ve enabled those for “anyone” (as opposed to registered users only). If they turn out to be useful, I’ll leave them on, otherwise I’ll go back to unidirectional posting. It will be an interesting experiment.

2 thoughts on “New blogger version

  1. On trouble is that if you have a template loaded with extras already.. you know the kind of thing, rate my blog, a stats counter etc, then migrating across to a shiny new template seems to present a problem and I\’ve given up for now. Can\’t get comments to work on mine at all, so I\’ve shouted for \”Help\” at Blogger support!

  2. Hi, the new format looks OK with Internet Explorer but with Mozilla the \”Links\” and \”Archive\” sections appear after the text on the page, not alongside it on the right hand side of the page. (I\’m using Mozilla 1.6)

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