Stats To Compare With

Stats on website availability, apparently from (where I couldn’t find them), but eventually found on

Site Availability

– The mean availability of all sites was only 98.72%, equating to over 111.13 hours or nearly five days of downtime per website, per year

– Only a third of the organisations monitored achieved 99.9% availability or above, which equates to one full working day of downtime per year

– City councils had the lowest availability over the monitoring period at 97.80%, or over eight days of downtime per year

– Services were available for 99.1% of the monitoring period, or over three days of downtime per year

– Political parties had the highest availability at an average of 99.24%, being down for just over two and a half days per year

Download Times

– For customers connecting to the Internet via a modem (56kbps), download times would exceed eight seconds for 95.7% of the websites in the study

– The average download time for public sector websites when accessing via a modem (56kbps) was 21.8 seconds

– All but one of the websites monitored downloaded in under eight seconds with a broadband connection (512kbps)

Go figure! Political parties with the highest web availability!

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