My phone finally comes alive

Ever since I came back to the UK in 1999 I’ve had endless problems getting any phone I had to work on wap/download email/send MMS etc. I’ve changed phones every so often (some would doubtless say often) and each time occasionally got some mail through, seemingly by chance. Last month I tried a Treo 600 out but it crashed endlessly (usually on answering a call) so I gave that up and tried a P900 from Sony Ericsson (as a previous and long-term customer of the P800 this seemed a logical move). Guess what? No email again. But this time Brian, “the fix it” who I have talked about before here, took Vodafone to task and solved the problem – a screwup in their gateway (not my gateway I hasten to add). And now, after all this time, I can get email on my phone and even send it! Wow. Real progress (finally).

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