More on offshore work

Scott Loftesness notes Morgan Stanley and HP views on offshoring. He quotes Carly Fiorina as saying

“Yet spending our time building walls around [insert the name of your developed world country here] will do nothing to help us compete for the millions of new jobs being created”

Tom Peters in his latest book, Re-Imagine!, says that

Between 1980 and 1998 the US created 29,000,000 net new jobs. The key word there is “net”, i.e. some were lost and more were gained. It’s a Baldrick kind of quote. The real maths behind that number though is that 44 million jobs ere lost and 73,000,000 were created – jobs lost in manufacturing, in steel, in autos, in telecomms were replaced (x2) in software, hardware, banking, services, drug companies and whatnot.

Like I said before. Been there before, what’s new?

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