My spam filter stops pretty much everything that comes through these days – down from 100 a day perhaps to maybe 1 or 2. One of the mails that sneaked through today had this below the main text (which was all about losing weight!) …

buckwheat cookery homunculus babble exclusion grape laura beget antisemite distal jake charta isn’t determinate receptor convulsion creosote sharpshoot lulu bedroom brent acronym convex corporal rudolph gilchrist moses conclusive butterfly christensen benthic hemoglobin fields antigen excisable millionaire madhouse machine participant duel erasure cloven mac gangway catkin demise grandpa marinade benevolent circle cry cocklebur auxiliary hackett include lexicography fullerton check formulae karl ponder peccary diety allemand shopworn dilemma auditor fredericton buzzard kidney contentious pearlite belle insignia chromosphere charisma crestview covert contributor havilland form franciscan detoxify bloodshot resemblant schafer house bevel belladonna crusoe archangel hovel humanoid danny bender reimburse ruminant heritage perfect portend draftsperson cattle ammoniac duffel ecosystem cattail monk colombia contrariwise cuddly deliverance adverb cornish exhumation exacerbate haystack dispute latent antithetic brethren freddy inhospitable inveterate compagnie impudent attempt differential gargantuan comprehend excelsior helene parthenon filament quadripartite alexis headwall selfish chicagoan donner exhaustible papal caw butch seek kermit immediacy serf iron alkaloid regret ground pont contempt exclusive middletown abed kelp poll nylon moot automorphic besmirch cheshire sanitary burmese expressway rapier grotesque diagrammatic grease ruinous corinthian keynes salvage checksummed diorama devolve chowder bluebill fillet brooklyn draftsmen crewman falsify concordant idiosyncrasy houghton offshoot houdini facetious collapsible ditty percent born amber infix bluebush cahoot litigant papillary inflow mcdonald pursuit firebreak asexual mayer blast minsk erodible counterproductive boswell crucifix isaac

I guess the thinking is that filling a mail up with words that are unlikely to be spam-related gets things past the filter. But what words! Erodible. Automorphic. Homunculus!

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