Content Event – Massive success

Our event this week – “Risks and Rewards of Content Management” – looks to have been a great success. We sized it at 100 people, had 115 register and 114 show up which, with the speakers and the folks from eDt there to make sure it went smoothly meant the auditorium was full to busting. All the speakers were great, but it was clear that Gerry McGovern (of fame, perhaps even notoriety now) and Pete Clifton (from the BBC) were both incredibly hard acts to follow. I’ve got some notes of the great lines of the day, but my favourites, from Gerry, were:

“Don’t write the Santa Claus RFP (accompanied by a picture of a jolly old man in a Santa suit) … you know, the one that goes “Dear Santa, please, please, please can I have …. (list 1001 “features”) … for Xmas.”

This quote became a bit of a theme through the day, with several people (including the vendor people there) referring to it and, better still, emphatically agreeing with it.


“The hippy period of the web is over. In the 60s we did drugs, in the 90s we did java. Get over it.”

There were also some great quotes from Pete Clifton, but they should perhaps stay unprinted.

I had a great day, I hope that the feedback from the audience will echo that. The event went very smoothly, thanks to a great location (you should all consider the British Museum if you’re looking for an event location), professional staff, great vision (from Steve), great logistics (from DWA media), great organisation (from Ling) and fabulous support from the rest of the team.

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