Ghostrider … the content event is full

Steve has let me know that the content management event we have scheduled for Wednesday is full … great news given we’re a day or so away. If you really want in, contact Steve directly via his e-envoy mail address and he’ll see what he can, but no promises. I’ll be chairing the day which is wonderful – no lines to learn and I get a front row seat to watch a lot of great speakers in action.

Meanwhile I’ve been away for a week. I used the time to catch up with a lot of very clever people who briefed me on what next, when next, how next and where next for a lot of technology solutions; we also talked a lot about why not for certain things, which was refreshing. I’m getting my ideas together now for an internal briefing and will endeavour to post here later in the week, although I’m out for the next 3 days or so with one conference or another.

Finally, did you catch BillG’s speech at Comdex? After SPOT watches/fridge magnets, tablet PCs and whatnot in the last few years, what did he use this one to launch? A new version of SMS (2003 for some reason) and also a new version of the ISA firewall (2004, which makes more sense)! This is a big deal … Bill launching basic security items that no home/office/corporation should be without.

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