Content Management – the good, the bad and the ugly, learn here

The Office of the e-Envoy is running an all day seminar on content management on November 26th at the British Museum. It’s open to anyone in the public sector – local, central, agency, NDPB, NHS, MOD and any other TLA or FLA you can come up with. The day is cost free provided that you show up – if you book to come and then no show, we will bill you enough to make you regret not showing (or £99, whichever is the greater).

It promises to be a full and interesting day. I’ll be hosting (but I promise not to talk for long) and we have Andrew Pinder, e-envoy, opening the day, followed by Gerry McGovern on the “State of Content Management”. Gerry is a terrific writer who clearly has a passion for doing it right and is unafraid to say what he means. As his site says, “Content first, technology second”, or as I’ve said more than a few times, “Content management is something that you do, not something that you buy”. I’m looking forward to hearing Gerry speak on this for the first time.

We’ve also got Pete Clifton, the editor of BBC News Online (if anyone knows about how to manage content, it will be him); a couple of Content Management software suppliers will also talk about the issues in migrating to managed content (and not about products, I promise) and there will be other people from in and around government talking about the lessons learnt, including people from the Planning Portal team, UFI and the COI. The day will wrap up with open Q&A with several of the speakers.

This is a big and exciting day for us and I’m very pleased that we’re able to run such an event. If you’ve been reading this site for long, you’ll know that I have some strong personal views about the state of content management in governments and this is the first chance we’ve had to collect enough of the right people in one place to help you plan for the issues that you will certainly come across.

Places will be very limited, so if you want to come, visit this site or contact Steve Lawrence using the email address on the registration page.

I’ve promised Steve I’ll leave this up for a few days so that everyone gets a chance to see it … what I’ll do though is repost it to the top of the page if I write some new posts, so there might be several copies of it on the site.

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