Things about the Mac

There are two great reasons to buy a Mac right now this minute – if you could get one to the spec that you want (which you probably won’t be able to. Since Steve J came back to town, Apple has delivered the most consistently innovative products but has underestimated demand for everything except the transparent cube version which noone wanted at all).

The first reason is the beautiful screen saver that lets you put your favourite photos in a folder and have the Mac skip through them, panning across and zooming in and out . It’s just relaxing beyond belief and it’s the first time I’ve used a screen saver since After Dark and the flying toasters.

The second reason is the easy integration of wireless and bluetooth. Anyone who wants to know what bluetooth is for should go and get the “Salling Clicker”, as long as you’ve got a T610 phone from Ericsson. Phil Windley talked about this months and months ago and although I got it then – I really get it now.

But if those are two great, instant reasons, there are hordes of reasons to hold off. Browser inconsistency for instance. I haven’t found one browser that works for all sites yet. I also haven’t found one that remembers cookies properly or that handles windows correctly. I would have thought that this would be the first thing that would have got sorted. It could be me. But I now have 5 (bet you didn’t know that there were that many!) installed on the Mac. Good job it comes with an 80gb hard drive.

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