More search strings

I love going through the search strings entered on my home page. I guess many people end up there and look for this blog – the most common search is “e-government”. But earlier this month someone used “government is too large”. I wasn’t sure whether that was a corruption of this blog’s title, “e-government@large” (perhaps that person had misheard the title somewhere?) or whether it was an opinion and they wanted to know whether I supported it. So, if they search again, they’ll get this post I guess.

Another odd one, “ken kutaragi michael jackson” … how weird is that? I wrote something nearly a year ago about the playstation guru, Ken Kutaragi, and in there was the line “Kutaragi is billed by one senior manager as the ‘Michael Jackson’ of the business”. And all this time later someone’s looking for it? Very odd.

One thing though, for sure, the search engine that’s part of the site is horrible. I wish I knew how to put a google-API into the site so that people would get a decent search.

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