Apple Mac delays

My Mac has shipped finally. But only after lengthy intervention by Brian, “The Fixer”, in my office. It’s been a battle it seems. My guess is that Apple have run out of aluminium. I did suggest that we ship a crateload of diet coke cans to Taiwan so that they could just build mine (might have an interesting case depending on how they melted them down). They offered me/Brian a 17″ one instead of the 15″ I ordered but after using a strategic measurement tool (an outline drawn on a piece of A3) we realised it wouldn’t fit in my bag so that was a non-starter. I’m hoping that they’ll at least ship me the new o/s for no money. But honestly, ordering something off the web from a major firm that quotes 1-2 weeks delivery shouldn’t result in daily interference from a talented fixer. Surely it should just come when they say it will, just like Amazon stuff or Dell stuff does?

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