That man in France

The other day I was wondering if Kablenet had a new man in France checking out the online activities. Today, I’m told (by a man in France in fact) that it’s almost certainly not a man per se, but a website run by the European eGovernment Observatory. Francois-Xavier Chevallerau notes that, unlike many “journals” that John Gotze and I joked about earlier, this one is up and running and publishing information on a daily basis. If you’re looking for an unbiased (as far as I can tell) source on who is doing what in each country, the main players involved and progress to date along with news available by topic, date or country – then that’s the place to go. All in all, worth checking out and, as of today, available from my link list on the right.

On top of that, Francois-Xavier’s note compelled me to check the site (not for the first time I must add) … where I found a piece of news on Romania’s efforts on online government. Long time readers will remember that I attended a conference there some time ago and came away impressed with a few things, not least the palace in which the conference was held (if not the bloodshed that was caused by the builder). Poking around their main portal, I came across this. It should be obvious to anyone in the UK online government business what it is, yet when I posted a similar link to the Czech version, no-one (not a soul!) was drawn by it. Efforts to date in Romania look impressive and, although I speak not a word, there looks to be a wide range of transactional services available on the site.

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