Resistance is futile, hopeless and not worth it

Apparently, the major challenges facing online government are:

The need for agencies to lessen federal managers’ resistance to change

The need to hire talented federal workers

The need to prioritize cybersecurity and privacy

The need to promote intergovernmental coordination concerns

That first point is interesting, if:

– The recording industry has Napster, Kazaa etc

– The big airlines have Easyjet, Expedia etc

– The TV networks have DVRs (Like Tivo)

– The City of London has Docklands

– The housing market has interest rates, stamp duty and increasing uncertainty

– Oracle has

– Microsoft has Linux (or patent infringements if you look narrowly at Internet Explorer) and the EU

What is the single biggest thing that will drive change, or eliminate the resistance to change in the public sector anywhere in the world?

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