Exciting journals?

John G, another writer far more prolific than me (and one who I am going to shamelessly crib in my upcoming paper on enterprise architecture), notes a few e-government journals and asks whether he should be reading them.

A few quotes, cut and pasted from the text tells all …

“The rationale for research in this area is to investigate, evaluate and disseminate theoretically grounded and valid empirical approaches for information-exploitation in these complex environments, including industry, commerce, government and health informatics” Ah … well that’s all clear then. They’re going to publish what people are doing.

“An exciting new forum for policymakers, practitioners, and technology industry leaders” … exciting? e-government? really?

“The journal will be launched for public distribution in early 2005” … Some serious research underway I imagine. What should I do with the problems I have today? Wait until then, or solve them now and submit them for publication?

All that sarcasm aside, a couple of them actually look good. The worry is that “research” is rarely terribly practical and almost never grounded in reality. Otherwise it wouldn’t be research, right? But, I’m speaking out of turn as I haven’t read any of them. I will try and dig one or two out and see what they have to say – I’m up for finding a few shortcuts right now.

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