Takes all sorts

Louise Ferguson dropped me a line this week both to let me know that her blog existed and to point at a piece where she’d mentioned me. I’m not sure she likes my style of writing – “empty rhetoric” – but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, perusing the rest of her site, it’s clear that she knows a thing or two about creating great online user experiences and that’s one of my pet themes, so no harm in you having a look.

On the speculation point, which was what I was really getting at (someone, in this case the e-envoy himself, makes a speech and then everyone moves to swingometer mode), who knows where all this stuff will go. A CIO makes a lot of sense – it worked pretty well for the US with Mark Forman – but so would devolving some of the organisation. Delivering a pan-government IT programme is hard to say the least and it would be harder still without central leadership, but the centre is not always the best place. So, my point is that there needs to be some solid thinking around what next to ensure that we build on the successes, manage down the failures and create some real value in the government IT world. Oh, and of course, IT by and of itself is next to useless which I think I’ve said before. It’s the business, stupid.

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