Hasta La Vista Baby

I reached the end of my ability to tolerate a duff system today. The wireless problems I was kind of getting used to – although today I had to restore my system back a few days to make it work again – even though I hadn’t had any response (not even an acknowledgement) on the detailed error report that I sent; the constant bombardment of viruses were being stopped by my firewall and spam checkers and were just an irritation. But today, I was working away on a presentation I’m due to give tomorrow and everything froze. When it came back up after a “battery out maneouvre”, there was nothing there – not one of the updates I’d made to the slide set had been saved in more than an hour. The autosave feature denied that it had ever been set up. I lost everything.

That’s a good enough set of reasons for me to go and buy a Mac. Somewhere between the hardware vendor and the software vendor, or wrapped up in both, lies a big problem and one that I don’t think I need to waste my time on any more. The pain of sticking with a PC is too great. Watch out for my first slideshow in “Keynote” real soon now.

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