Autumn leaves

I was dozing off in a meeting the other day when I was suddenly brought back to reality by hearing the quote

“This project could very well accelerate by the Autumn.”

Fairly meaningless you might think, except that the thing I first learnt when arriving in post 3 years ago was that people often count in seasons here. I pictured a special watch being issued to everyone with just four times on it – seasons. In countries where I’d worked before, you could always look out the window to see what season it was, and that didn’t seem to work here, hence the watch.

The quote that kicked my job off was learning that a major project …

“Would probably have the team up to speed by the Autumn.”

I couldn’t figure it out … “up to speed”? Did that mean something would be delivered? And when exactly was the Autumn?

Three years on, plus ca change.

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