Joining together … the might of the many

A story comes to me today by way of someone closely associated … it goes like this: today was project review day and a new project was ready for approval that had been sponsored by no less than three business streams. Every project requires a form to be completed for its review so that the board can assess whether it should go ahead. The form is not too detailed but does, naturally, require details of the sponsor. This project had to use a bit of extra white space on the paper because it had three separate sponsors, spread across the whole of the business concerned.

Funnily enough, there’s never been a case in the past where any project was sponsored by more than one business stream. The board were not used to seeing a form that was not completed correctly – after all it’s quite clear, “project sponsor” not “project sponsors”. So … they opted not to let the project go forwards on the grounds that the documentation had not been filled in correctly.

And we’re the species that put a man on the moon? Or did we … no, hang on, that’s a whole different set of conspiracy theories.

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