Ending the end to end theory

Everyone is used to having “end to end” control of their technology infrastructure. When a transaction is completed by a member of staff in an office, it goes across the private office network, into the server, onto the disk drive and back again. In the world of the Internet, a customer completes a transaction on a private web page that goes to a private server that goes to a private network and back again … the only bit where there’s a little less control is the Internet, but we can nail that down using an SSL connection with a private certificate. Control, control, control.

In the coming web world, that model falls apart. Components are distributed, transactions may come from multiple sources and the responses go back to multiple end points. Control is nowhere – it’s in how you manage the interconnections, the partnerships you strike, the relationships and, ultimately, the standards that you adopt, endorse and adhere to.

Some people are going to have to change their mindsets.

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