The killer applications for online government

One, the pensions planning tool that Kablenet talk about and that is in the early stages of development by the DWP folks;

two, a single place to go where you can see any and all benefits that you might be able to claim from government, such as tax credits, disability allowances and financial planning tools that help you figure out ISAs, tax bills and other liabilities (so this is a sort of current account for government, but covering what you don’t yet claim but might be entitled to based on a profile that you input) and;

three, a single place where you type your post code and everything you need to know about anything that concerns you and the area is displayed – this is a combination of what upmystreet did so well, the ONS Neighbourhood statistics site I talked about the other day, your local authority site (for information on when rubbish is collected, what your local schools are up to) and other sites (like Hometrack or the Environment Agency’s flood warning site).

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