And from that same Yahoo story

And, surely the all time greatest way to get e-government take-up moving:

Setting the pace for CEOs and ministers is Romania, where the government has made it a crime not to buy supplies for state services online — from papers and pens to bricks and mortar.

Minister Nica, who I’ve met several times and consider to be a very shrewd operator followed up with

“We saved enough in building 172 sports centers that we had money left to build 47 more,” said Dan Nica, Romania’s minister for Communications and Information Technology.

That’s a kind of buy 4 online, get one free … or go to jail … deal.

Raucous applause for Romania who may well be the country to watch – other measures include tax holidays for IT professionals, exploiting the work of other countries fastest to learn the lessons and pressing ahead with an aggressive implementation regime – and all this from the country where until not that long ago Ceacescu held sway.

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