Blogs in da house

I have been way too slow to post on this … and proved at the same time that it didn’t matter as the event is already full up. Those lovely people at VoxPolitics, noted in last week’s Sunday Times as the best political blog (obviously they have a better class of readers than I do), have organised a blogging in politics event to be held in The House itself – no better place if you’re going to get people wondering whether blogs can change politics (and, indeed, vice versa). Doubtless there will be a few people who will go just to see inside the place, which is definitely worth doing. Every time I go in there it reminds me of St. Paul’s. This looks to be an event worth going to – MPs to be present, clever people like Steven Clift and Stephen Pollard (and even Tim Ireland, I’ve heard), a one-time only WiFi network to allow live coverage (first time in the house – can’t even get one of those legitimately in my own office!). You should add your name to the list right now … and be prepared to be disappointed when they tell you it’s full. I’m sure the enthusiasm will encourage more events … and maybe even some more blogs from MPs, taking their lead from Tom Watson’s exploits.

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