I bought myself some rollerblades at the weekend. After what must be years of saying I’ll learn how to do it, the bug bit this weekend, driven on by another sunny day no doubt.

It’s worse than learning to walk all over again I’m sure. At least when you learn to ski it’s hard to fall over whilst just standing still, but it seems real easy on these.

I’ve had three goes now and I think I’m past the bit where you careen randomly across the road, hurtling through the gaps between passing pedestrians. Of course, they know I’m coming and I’m no good (the flailing arms give it away I guess). I’m up to the bit where there’s a wall looming up ahead and I know (absolutely cast iron know) that if I use the brake-thing, I’ll end up flat on my arse. If I don’t, then that wall looks awful solid. So there’s a choice: arse or face first into a wall.

Sound familiar?

Done any projects like that recently?

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