All hail Gerry McGovern

Gerry, I don’t know who you are or what brought you to your conclusions (on content management software), but I love what you have to say …

1. Get real. New software will only solve a small part of your content problem. If you want great content you need great people far more than great software.

2. Put an editor in charge of the purchasing decision. By and large, IT managers don’t understand content. Nor do marketing executives.

3. Spend the time to properly specify what you need. What is it about so many organizations that they never seem to have the time to do things right?

4. Get away from the kitchen sink specification. Specify what you need, not what you want. Yes, we’d all love these fancy extra features. But the more features, the more costly to install, and the more complex to operate.

5. Stop thinking you’re so special. Standardized solutions can deliver a much faster, cheaper result, that is much more satisfactory to the reader

And so say all of us. Amen.

Actually, I do know who you are now that I’ve read the “about” section on your website. Sounds like a man who should know best.

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