Slides and stuff

It’s been a pretty hard few weeks in envoy-land … a couple of Gateway code releases, DotP being deployed, a couple of conferences (and a couple more coming up soon – I’m supposed to be doing the slides now), some kind offers from journalists and others who actually want me to write something that they’ll publish (someone does read this stuff then!) and some urgent and vital deadlines coming up at the end of the month for which I need to write a lot of papers.

When you have your head down so close to the day to day, trying to figure out obscure details of how and why things work and how to stop them from not working, it gets impossible to lift your head up and think about what next – whether “next” is lunch, June, 2004 or 2010. I’m very, very conscious that I am stuck in some weeds now – the ones that have hooks on them that grab hold of you and leave only a trail of blood when you pull away.

Lucky for me, I got a day out in Frankfurt this week at the EDS Innovation show (not words that you associate together often, but the tide has certainly turned there) and was pleased to catch some stimulating speakers who have given me some fresh insight into what might be and what I might have to do about it.

I have two or three weeks holiday planned in June which should let me take the time to digest all that we have done in the last 12 months and position much more strongly for the next 12, if they’ll have me.

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