Why do people blog?

Is a blog the same as any other writing? Why do people do it? One view here, from onepotmeal.

We’re not writing an account of our lives just as a record of our lives, we’re trying to say something about our lives, and that can’t be done if we stick only to ‘facts’: the facts that will speak to me about my life—me, with all kinds of insider knowledge and secrets—is hardly going to speak to you in the same way.

We can’t read weblogs the way we read other literatures—it isn’t appropriate. They aren’t the same as novels or memoirs or what not, because of the play of time and because of other factors that would only serve to muddy the waters of my present point.

And from burningbird, a response.

Be not afraid those who would be afraid of what I write. I try only to write about what I see and what might be done about it.

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