Redesign in Australia

Continuing the theme of the last post, the audit folks in Australia say “no more silos“. Progress in Aus is better than in many countries, but the report believes that there is still too much focus on the agency view of the world, as opposed to the citizens. There are some good quotes …

The current practice of e-government as a provider of online information and online transactions should be regarded as a stepping-stone to a more inclusive and integrated government Web presence.

In the past, provision of e-government services has been based on the government’s online strategy, rather than business or customer service.

The transition from agency-oriented to citizen-centric e-government may be difficult and time consuming and will require leadership and coordination as agencies work towards a common and agreed architecture.

There’s that technology thing again … “a common and agreed architecture” … no that, no citizen focus, more disillusionment.

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