The Nokia in me is gone, at least for a while. My new P800 arrived a few days ago. It’s got some serious potential this phone, with a few flaws that could be enough to drive me nuts. Flaws? How about a touch sensitive screen so that when you hold the phone to your ear, you create a bunch of new contacts, meetings or notes consisting of random characters? Or maybe delete some of the existing contacts or meetings? The hand writing recogniser doesn’t work quite the same way that the Ipaq or Palm does, so I’ve got to learn something new but that’s not such a big deal. What probably is though is that you can’t customise it – so the Ipaq menu that says “when I do an ‘L’ followed by a ‘space’, that’s not a ‘T'” doesn’t seem to be there. Still, love the games, love the camera and, above all, the integration between phone and organiser. They’re onto something at last – after endless frustrations with the T68 and the “i” version.

You shouldn’t need another reason to consider buying this phone, but if you do, one word should do it all. MAME. Bloody amazing. Or maybe I’m just getting old and need to relive my teens.

Just one small thing please Ericsson, can’t you give me a cookie that stops the annoying pop-up ads for the P800 that I see on pretty much every site now? I’ve got one, I’m not going to buy another.

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