Not the simplest acronym, but I had my attention drawn to it today at a session with Dan Chenok at OMB. There’s a new organisation in town, solution architects who have the following mission

Assignment of Solution Architects. Provide E-Government initiative teams with solution architects who will assist in defining initiative blueprints and validate system and solution architectures to support the planning and implementation of the Presidential Priority E-Gov initiatives.

Solution Architecture Planning and Execution. Select, recommend, plan, guide, and assist initiative teams in the deployment of technologies that are proven, stable, interoperable, portable, secure, and scalable. Facilitate the migration and transition of E-Government initiatives from legacy and “inward-driven” architectures, to architectures that embrace component-driven methodologies and technology reuse.

Federal Enterprise Architecture Guidance. Establish linkages between relevant Government-wide entities to ensure that standards, best practices, and lessons learned are leveraged across the entire government. Additionally, the SAWG will champion the creation and validation of the Service Component and Technology Reference Models.

Component and Technology Reuse. Identify and capitalize on opportunities to leverage, share, and reuse technologies to support common business requirements, activities, and operations across the Federal Government.

Generation of Intellectual Capital (IC). Champion the creation and propagation of intellectual capital that can assist in E-Government transformation.

See that … pan-government, reuse, capitalise, intellectual property. Bang on target.

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