OeE cuts story continues

Computing continues the story of the OeE budget cuts. Speculation increases on whether Andrew Pinder will still be in post in 2005 (given his contract runs out in March 2004, I would not be going long that option). Kate Mountain is clear that if he is not there, someone else will need to be – which is true. I’m certain that the role is not yet done, there is a vital need for someone to be there to catalyse change and ensure that things are both done right and rightly done.

Kate is also quoted as saying “Whatever transpires with departmental budgets, maintaining funding for the Government Gateway is essential” which of course delights me. I do hope that she wasn’t misquoted.

I think it’s time for the “cuts” story to move on. The focus should not be on how much, but what and what that means. A tighter, leaner operation can focus on the most vital things – and there are a few of those that need to get done still.

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